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BeerPongMax Table
  • BeerPongMax Table

BeerPongMax Table

Paaaartyyyy! (Or something like that)

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    detail - close-up

    Use the comfy carry handles to
    take the table to any party

    Beer and balls? What’s not to like? Nothing, obviously. And that’s probably why Beer Pong is fast becoming the most popular drinking game amongst degenerate fun-lovers across the pond. Unfortunately we haven’t all got enormous frat houses in which to party here in Blighty, so thank goodness for the BeerPongMax Table.

    Crafted in sturdy aluminium with an 8ft x 2ft regulation size surface area, this pro-standard table folds down into a supremely portable briefcase with handles and a latch, so you can play your imbecilic glugging games wherever you fancy. We’ll even throw in six balls. All you need are a few Beer Pong cups.

    diagram - droid playing

    Bounce the Beer Pong balls into your opponents cups and make them down the contents!

    folding demonstration

    Folds down to a compact square!

    Confused? You will be because Beer Pong involves boinging a ball across the aforementioned table and plopping it into one of your opponent’s beer cups, thus compelling them to consume its boozy contents. And so on and so forth. Everyone’s a winner. Marvellush. ‘Urp!

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