• BeerMo


Dress up your drink

Product not available at the moment.
Please note:
Beer is not included with this product. The bottles shown on this page are for demonstration purposes only.


    close-up with Duff bottle

    New mixed colour pack now available!

    Show your support for the moustache-growing month of Movember with a glorious BeerMo. This black silicone ‘tache fits to the neck of almost any bottle, so every time you take a swig you'll look like you’ve sprouted a rather distinguished nose bush.

    Funny? Absolutely! Pointless? Not at all, because for each set of 6 BeerMos sold, the makers will donate a share of the profits to the Movember charity. So buy yourself a pack, share them around and spread the word about this worthy cause. Tally ho!

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