Beer Tasting Toolkit
  • Beer Tasting Toolkit

Beer Tasting Toolkit

Learn the art of beer

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    Brown paper bag

    Hide the beer bottle in a bag

    Ask for beer in a posh restaurant and they’ll likely give you a look like you’ve just squirted mustard up the curtains. But as any connoisseur will tell you, there are subtle flavours and delicate notes to be savoured in this centuries-old amber beverage. Which is why the Beer Tasting Toolkit makes a great gift for anyone with a palate for the pints.

    Written by Portland beer blogger Jeff Alworth, the 48-page booklet will lead you on a journey through lagers, ales, porters and stouts. Page by page, you’ll learn the unique attributes of each, while being actively encouraged to give everything a try. Well, there’s nothing like first hand experience! What’s more, with 18 individually-numbered paper covers, you can invite your friends round for a blind taste test (or two).

    How to taste beer properly:
    See, smell, sip and swallow





    4 specially-printed tasting notepads come in handy for jotting down flavours, aromas and interesting observations. And if you’re really stuck for inspiration, 3 beer cheat sheets are on hand to give you a little insight. Although insight is something we’re rarely short of after a couple of beers. It’s shutting us up that’s the problem. Come on, who’s for a sing-song.

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