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Beer Machine

Homemade beer without the brewhaha

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    Comes with beer mix to make your first brew

    Ever fancied brewing your own beer? Well if you haven’t, you’re missing out. Because homemade beer is not only tasty and fun to make, but it’s also ludicrously cheap!

    Indeed, for mere pennies per pint, the Beer Machine will brew batch after batch of your very own delicious, high-quality lager. Just follow the ludicrously simple one-step instructions and in seven to ten days you could be pouring your very own Michaelob, Stuart Artois, Carl’s Berg, or KronenBrian.

    Developed by professional brewers, this complete kit is compact enough to fit into your fridge – taking up the same amount of space as a typical six-pack. Why would you put it in the fridge? Well, the Beer Machine acts as fermenter, conditioner and dispenser in one. So once you’ve brewed your HeineKim, Holsten Phils, or Dadweiser – alright, we’ll stop – you can pour it straight into your glass. There’s even a carbonation unit attached to make sure your brew will always have a frothy head. Ahh, that hits the spot.

    A perfect gift for the beer monster in your life – or a nifty way to save money on a party – this self-contained micro-brewery will make up to ten litres of beer (or around seventeen pints). Now all you need is a clever name...

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