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Beer Journey Boxes

A Booze Odyssey

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  • Embark on a cross-country pub crawl
  • Just the right combination of drinking and learning
  • Twelve delicious hand-picked beers in each box
  • Three classic brewing behemoths to choose from


In general we probably don't know nearly enough about foreign beers. Take the USA, it instantly conjures up images of rancid celebrity endorsed froth-water like Bud, Miller and Coors. Well it's time to open your eyes and embark on a Beer Journey to discover the delicious alcoholic delights that these places really have to offer.

There are three exciting boxes to choose from – The United States of America, Belgium as well as our beloved United Kingdom. Each one containing a hand-picked assortment of 12 regional beers to take you on their own uniquely flavoursome and pleasantly intoxicating odyssey.

Accompanying the hearty selection of beers is an informative booklet full of detailed tasting notes – how else are you going to know which beers need to be refrigerated or that your 'Flying Dog - Raging Bitch' goes well with Jerk Chicken and Tangy cheese?

There's also a whole host of undeniably interesting facts and quotes from famous boozers so you can impress your friends with your extravagant beery wisdom. Pick your box(es) and set off on an enlightening and inebriating cross-country pub crawl.
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