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Beer Champagne
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Beer Champagne

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  • The two greatest alcoholic drinks have finally been fused together
  • Floral and spicy aromas, powerful body, effervescent finish
  • Brewed using 100% British malted barley and 3 yeast strains
  • The result of 6 weeks of fermentation and 100 days of maturation
  • France meets Belgium, classy meets casual – it's sensational


For too long Beer and Champagne have been sat on opposite ends of the alcoholic beverage spectrum. Beer – arms around each other, toasting wildly, sloshing foam everywhere before capping things off with a hearty and pungent belch. Champagne – usually a more classy affair punctuated by the gentle clinking of flutes, polite sipping and intellectual comments about the exquisite bubbly flavours.

At last these two fine beverages have been fused together into one colossal drink – Beer Champagne. Belgium meets France. Classy meets casual. It's created a new boozing genre that transcends all occasions and stereotypes, satisfying both the laid-back drinker and the seasoned alcohol connoisseur.

Brewed using 100% British malted barley, world hops and three strains of yeast; this beer has undergone a lengthy 6 weeks of primary fermentation before bottling. Following a 100 day maturation period, the beer was then riddled and disgorged – it sounds horrendous but this is just the traditional method of removing the yeast sediment.

The resultant brew is endowed with a uniquely elegant floral and spicy aroma, complimented by a rich, powerful body and a light effervescent finish. It has to be tasted to be believed.
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  • "My two fave beverages in one. For when you want to be classy and a hooligan in equal amounts."
    Jenni - 5th of January, 2017