Beer Can Chicken Roaster
  • Beer Can Chicken Roaster

Beer Can Chicken Roaster

Everything’s better with beer

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    Roasting pan with attachments

    If the idea of roasting a chicken on a half-full can of beer is a new one to you, don’t worry. This well kept secret has only just started drifting over from the US. Brilliant for barbecues and home ovens alike the technique involves mounting your chicken on a perforated beer can in the centre of an oven tray. As the chicken roasts, the evaporating beer infuses the chicken with flavour, crispens the skin, and keeps the meat moist. Honestly... is there anything beer can’t do?

    The results are sensational, but if all this seems a bit uncouth then grab yourself a Beer Can Chicken Roaster instead. Using the same technique, this specially designed tray lets you serve up your beer-roasted chicken (and veggies) in style.

    Use any infusion you like in the Roaster’s central well to keep your chicken moist. Beer works a treat – even Guinness – but you could also try wine, fruit juice or chicken stock. Experiment by throwing in some garlic, onions, chillies or fresh herbs too. This versatile bit of kit gives you complete control of your roast chicken, inside and out.

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