Beer Bottle Tumblers
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Beer Bottle Tumblers


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    Made from real Grolsch bottles

    Isn't beer fantastic? Here at Ye Olde Firebox Tavern we think it's the greatest beverage ever invented. Probably. Because although wine is fine and brandy is dandy, nothing hits the spot like an ice cold lager.

    Almost as important as the amber ambrosia you consume is the vessel from which you choose to sup it. Pub-style lager glasses are pretty dull and generic these days. And you only ever see old-style dimpled pint pots in repeats of The Sweeney. Maybe that's why drinking straight from the bottle is becoming an increasingly acceptable mode du glug (as long as it's not a 3L plastic job).


    Even the packaging is recycled!

    But wouldn't it be great if there was a way to combine drinking from a bottle with drinking from an unusual, high quality glass? Well, guess what? There is! Beer Bottle Tumblers are beer bottles that have been skilfully transformed into high quality glasses. And take it from us, drinking from them is an absolute delight.

    Taking recycling to the next level, Beer Bottle Tumblers have been crafted from reclaimed Grolsch bottles. How? Glass artisans carefully cut away the bottle neck, then round and polish the edges. The result is a gloriously green, satisfyingly sturdy glass that makes regular pint pots look about as appealing as an ashtray filled with flat ale and soggy cigarette butts.

    It goes without saying that Beer Bottle Tumblers make superb gifts for alcohol aficionados, but they also look great on display and are guaranteed to generate interest whenever and wherever you use them. So schtop messing about with gottles of geer and get yourself some tumblers of Grolsch. Cheers!

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