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    Here at Firebox we don't really drink. Drinking makes you forget stuff and repeat yourself. Having said that we do like the occasional booze-related product. Although here at Firebox we don't really drink, because drinking makes you …erm, just forget it and check out Beer Bands.

    These totally ingenious reusable rubbery hoops look a bit like those fashionable charity bracelets that everyone and their brother wears. The difference is, Beer Bands are designed to fit round a bottle, not Chris Martin's scrawny wrist.

    Beer Bands The idea is to put one, or even a few, around your drink so you can easily identify it amidst the throng. Because let's be honest, nobody wants to get involved in ugly, 'you better not be drinking my beer' confrontations at our age, do they? More to the point, with a few Beer Bands round your bottle you won't pick up the wrong drink and get a mouthful of sugary alcopop.

    Beer Bands Beer Bands are sold in packs of 12 and although each band bears a different message, the general theme is clear. We can think of a few more amusing synonyms but they wouldn't make it on to a family website (yes, we do mean this one).

    Beer Bands are brilliant at busy shindigs and packed parties as you won't have to keep an eye on your drink all night - simply glance and grab. Wrapping a Beer Band round your bottle will also discourage stealth beer bandits from sipping when they shouldn't, especially in pubs and bars. Shove a few in your pocket next time you go for a night on the tiles and we guarantee everyone will want to know where they came from. And when you tell 'em it's Firebox be sure to write it down because drinking makes you forget stuff. Or did we already tell you that?

    Beer Bands

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