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The singing egg timer

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    There’s nothing like a nice boiled egg, especially if it’s cooked just the way you like it. Unfortunately most egg timers are just not entertaining enough to make it into the average chooky-egg loving gadgetmeister’s kitchen. Enter, with a tuneful flourish, the BeepEgg.

    This clever little ovoid sits alongside your eggs in the pan, beeping and playing various melodies to indicate different levels of hardness. With three different genres, you can pick your favourite musical stylings as well as your favourite egg stylings. If you want soft eggs, remove them from the pan when you hear ‘Killing Me Softly’. For medium it might be the disco revival of ‘I Was Made For Lovin' You’ and for hard boiled you’ll hear ‘The Final Countdown’!

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    L-R: Rock God, Original and Disco Diva

    As its name suggests the BeepEgg also beeps, once when the water reaches approx 45°C (to show that it’s working) and once when the water starts to boil. It really is rather ingenious.

    Indeed its internal thermostat continually measures the water temperature and calculates the inner temperature of the eggs – that’s why you’ll need to store it alongside them. Think of it as a brainy plastic egg with somewhat diverse taste in music.

    Believe us, hearing amusing tunes emanating from your bubbling pan can really make your morning. It might even make you wish you were an egg. Then again, hearing an electronic version of Killing me Softly is no fun when you’re sitting in boiling water about to have your head smashed in and your innards scooped out. Pass the salt.

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