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Beeline Smart Bike Compass

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Beeline Smart Bike Compass
Love it as much as we do?
  • The smart compass for your bike
  • Attach to your handlebars, set your destination and go
  • Map out your ideal route using the Beeline smartphone app
  • Ready for anything - Shock resistant and waterproof
  • A Kickstarter sensation! Over £150k raised
Remember what getting lost used to feel like? You know, before technology. Sat Nav was the futuristic saviour for disorientated car drivers, Google Maps the guardian angel of the misplaced pedestrian but what about the humble cyclist gone astray?

Step forward Beeline, the smart compass for bikes. Simply attach the sleek and compact device to your handlebars, set your destination on the accompanying smartphone app and embark on your next cycling adventure safe in the knowledge that you’ll always been heading in the right direction.

Using Beeline couldn’t be simpler. The super-sharp backlit display is home to a neat little arrow that constantly manoeuvres to guide you in the exact direction you need to end up at. No matter the route you take, the arrow will always point to where you need to be.

Scroll through the snazzy display using the four capacitive touch buttons to view the distance you’ve got left to travel to your destination, a speedometer to help with that Tour De France training and a clock to help you keep tabs on when it’s time to start heading back for dinner.

Waterproof, shock resistant and housing a battery capable of running for 30 hours on a single charge, Beeline is the ideal companion for the casual commuter, the joyrider or lycra-loving two-wheeled fanatic.

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