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  • Beehive


Honey, I’m home!

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    scale shot

    Lift the lid on the hive

    Britain’s losing bees! And at quite a rate, too. In fact, if left unchecked, scientists believe the bee might vanish from UK shores within a decade. One reason for this sharp decline has been a loss of natural nesting sites. It seems that in our haste to make more houses for ourselves, we’ve pushed the fuzzy honey farmers out. Well, we’ve found a way to restore the balance.

    Based on a centuries-old shape, the Beehive is the perfect place for bees to set up shop. The glazed ceramic construction makes a sturdy home that’s protected against the wind and rain. Just set it down in a sheltered corner of your garden and leave nature to discover it. It might take a bit of time – after all, there are fewer bees about these days – but if you get the position right you should find the little stripey-jumpers make it a permanent landing pad. Honey, they’re home!

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