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Bee Station
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Bee Station

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    bee Station in the garden

    Set up a nest in your garden

    Whatever your opinion of bees – fuzzy little honey farmers, or deadly flying menace – one fact has become indisputable. Their numbers are dropping alarmingly fast. So fast, in fact, that experts are predicting that left unchecked, they could be extinct in the UK within 10 years.

    One reason for this sharp decline has been a loss of natural nesting sites. It seems that in our haste to make more houses for ourselves, we’ve pushed out the bees. Well, we’ve found a way to restore the balance.

    The back of the Bee Station

    The back of the Bee Station

    Designed and made in the UK, the ceramic Bee Station provides a safe, dry corner of your garden where bees can nest or simply take a breather. The feet act as reservoirs for sugary syrup which can give the overworked little chaps an energy boost. Plus, a landing platform at the centre of the structure can be packed with clean dry material, suitable for nesting.

    Keep your garden tidy without removing all the nooks where bees would usually nest – the Bee Station is your way to help bee populations on their way to recovery.

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