Bedside Booklight
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Bedside Booklight

Never lose your page again

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    Placing the book over the Bedside Booklight

    No need for a bookmark!

    Reading in bed is the new going out. Sort of. And with so many great authors out there you’re spoilt for choice: from Jeffrey Archer and Jordan to Chekhov and Dostoevsky. Yes, we know that’s pretty random but so is buying books. And that’s why the next present you buy the bookworm in your life should be the Bedside Booklight.

    This dual purpose frosted glass lamp has been designed to illuminate late night reading sessions. Mmm…The Complete Works of William Shakespeare! But wait, there’s more; the stylish Bedside Booklight is house shaped. Not in the Hugh Laurie way, in the bricks and pointy roof way. This means you can place your latest tome on its pitched roof when it’s time to slip off into boboland, safe in the knowledge your page will be saved. Genius.

    Don’t worry about burning holes in all that quality Katie Price prose because the lamp’s low energy 11W bulb doesn’t get too warm, even if you leave it on all night. It really is a great way to de-clutter your boudoir and keep beloved books immaculate, as you’ll no longer have to plonk them on the floor next to your slippers, or fold pages to keep your place.

    The light switched on and off
    Better still, if you’ve got a book with a real humdinger of a cover, the Bedside Booklight serves as a rather novel (novel – geddit?) way of keeping it on display. You could even buy an entire terrace and have several books on the go simultaneously – a veritable Coronation Street of learning, if you will.

    A smart addition to any bedside table, this chic, mains-powered lamp is an ideal gift for anyone who reads in bed, even if they prefer the imbecilic scribblings of Jodie Marsh to the sweeping prose of Leo Tolstoy. But we’re not here to judge your taste, we’re here to persuade you to buy a Bedside Booklight. So get ordering or forever hold your War and Peace.

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