Beats by Dre Beatbox iPhone Speaker Dock
  • Beats by Dre Beatbox iPhone Speaker Dock

Beats by Dre Beatbox iPhone Speaker Dock

Straight outta Compton!

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    a box of goodies. Everything you need for a high definition audio experience

    Everything you need is included

    Dr Dre doesn’t mess about. So when we heard about his new iPhone-friendly speaker dock we just had to check it out. Straight outta Compton by way of Dre and his tech savvy homies at Monster, the awesome Beats by Dre Beatbox unleashes the driving bass, lush midrange and soaring highs of a multi-speaker club system in one amazingly compact box. Well that’s what the good doctor told us to say and who are we to argue?

    dock your iThing in the dock, there is also a 3.5mm jack at the back for other devices to be used with the speaker

    Integrated iPod/iPhone dock

    Gorgeously engineered, this high def audio system shakes the room with the bombastic sound favoured by Dre and his fellow producers, yet still excels in more subtle genres (Dre loves a bit of baroque chamber music, don’t you know). Simply plop in your iPod/iPhone and you’re good to go.

    Thanks to dual 5.25” long-throw bass drivers, the ultra-responsive Beatbox reproduces rich, warm bass that thwacks you in the chest without any loss of clarity, even when you crank it up. What’s more, two optimized 2” high-frequency drivers create incredibly precise audio for that authentic in-concert experience.

    front and rear views

    The four speakers on the front provide the high def beats and there's no messy cabling around the back of the unit

    volume control close up

    The volume can go well over 11!

    With more than 200 watts of digital amplification this truly is the ultimate way to release the music trapped in your gizmos, even if they’re not iGizmos because a handy mini jack input lets you hook up additional sound sources. Throw in a sleek IR remote for iPod and volume control and you’re looking at a system that any audiophile will adore, even if they think Dr Dre works down the local walk-in clinic.

    Rap jokes aside, the Beats by Dre Beatbox blows away pricier systems with its beefy, crystal clear wallop. Best of all, when irate neighbours come a knocking, you can tell them the racket comes courtesy of Dr Dre. N’aam sayin’?

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