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Beasts of Tolkien: A Colouring Book

Saruman of Many Colours

Product not available at the moment.
  • One does not simply colour in the minions of Mordor...
  • 96 monstrous illustrations
  • Relax like Bilbo after taking a drag from his pipe weed
  • Contains many a Middle Earth beast, from Orcs to Dragons
  • Keep it secret, keep it safe, stay inside the lines
There and back again, a colouring tale by you, that's right you. Embark on your venture through the spectrum of colour, your only weapon? Pens and pencils of course. Armed with these, Tolkien's blanched beasts will never be the same again. Middle Earth's ecosystem is abundant with demonic beasts and ethereal wraiths – these fiends could think of nothing better than using your bones as a tooth pick. Quite a pitying thought.

Word in Bree is that the best way to battle the Fell Beasts or Shelob herself is to colour them in like a pretty rainbow. You'll be surprised at how endearing these bloodthirsty cretins will come across once they've had a splash of colour. Or perhaps you've always been sympathetic towards the denizens of Mordor? Always dreamed of being a lieutenant of Sauron's hoard? Why not portray them in their post-battle, blood-smothered glory – how they deserve to be remembered.

All of your favourite fear-inducing creatures are in there: Balrogs to goblins, Orcs to Nazgul and the misunderstood Gollum to the ever greedy Smaug. So what are you waiting for? Make your way through Middle Earth, adding colour wherever you go. Once you've conquered the 96 pages of illustrations you can look back on your journey and consider how much you've grown. Let's not get too emotional though, remember this is a relaxing process.

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