Beanstalk Message Beans
  • Beanstalk Message Beans

Beanstalk Message Beans

Message in a bean pod, yeah

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    detail of bean

    What a happy little bean

    We can’t decide which is more mind-boggling – that Beanstalk Message Beans can be grown without any soil at all, or that they’ll grow a bean with a message already engraved upon it! Dazzling, miraculous and seriously futuristic, this pod-shaped magic bean incubator is a doddle to set up.

    Start by adding the colourful beads to water and watch as they swell to over 200 times their original size. Once loaded with water, they’ll slowly release it into the environment and can be used time and again.

    adding beads to water

    Add the beads to a bowl of water...

    once water has absorbed

    they expand to over 200 times their original size!

    planting a bean

    Plant a bean and your work is done

    detail of beans

    Comes with 4 smiley face beans
    Also available: Love Beans

    Bury your message bean amongst the squishy beads and close the pod’s lid. The clever design ensures that as the beads release water, it condenses on the walls and runs back into the beads and the bean’s roots. Simply place it somewhere light and warm; and you won’t have to do a thing!

    In no time at all you’ll see a shoot appearing above the surface of the beads. The bean that grows with it will be emblazoned with a smiley face on one side and ‘Beanstalk’ on the other. Buy the additional Love Beans and you can even grow a heartfelt message for your special someone. Magic!


    (From L-R): Pod lid, base and stand, four packets of coloured beads (pink, yellow, blue and green)
    and four message beans

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