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    With the word 'pod' in its name you'd be forgiven for thinking this product was some kind of electronic gizmo from the Apple orchard. But no, the Bean Pod is actually an ingenious little self-contained herb garden.

    This funky doo-dah houses everything you need to grow the seeds contained in the sachet within. Perfect for Titchmarsh wannabes who can't be bothered with all that digging business.

    How to create the soil mixture:


    Disc of compressed peat

    Add water

    Add this mixture to BeanPod



    Re-usable and recyclable, each Bean Pod contains a disc of compressed peat. All you have to do is add a little water, sow the included seeds and stick the pod to a wall or window using its little sucker.


    Add the seeds to the peat

    Before you know it you'll have your very own miniature herb garden. No wellies required, and you won't have to clutter your windowsill with loads of pesky pots. Even a horticultural half-wit can achieve Dimmock-standard results. And thank goodness for that, because much as we love herbs, all that allotment/gardening malarkey is a bit hippie-ish for hi-tech web surfers like us, isn't it?


    Suction pad

    As well as satisfying your inner gardener, the Bean Pod will supply you with some of nature's finest herbs - choose from basil, chives or parsley - so you can pluck away at your very own flavoursome plant whenever you're cooking up a storm.

    Talking of cooking, Saint Jamie of Oliver has confessed to being 'totally doolally' about herbs - and we know what he means. Can you imagine bruschetta without basil or pasta without parsley? If you can, you don't know what you're missing.





    The Bean Pod makes a great little gift for cooking-fans, green fingered-types and anyone who loves cultivating stuff but hates all that soil and pots business. You could even grow your herbs at work and bung 'em in your lunch. So don't delay, grab a Bean Pod and get sowing and growing.

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