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Beamer iPhone Case
  • Beamer iPhone Case

Beamer iPhone Case

Flash hardcase that thinks it’s a torch

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    Another Quirky product

    Flash at the touch of a button!

    Although the iPhone 3G/3Gs has got more features than a plastic surgeon’s brochure it still lacks a camera flash and torch. What’s more, it’s liable to break if you drop it. So why not kill three birds with one incredibly smart case? Step forward the Beamer.

    Socially developed by our idea-hugging friends at, the Beamer is a durable, iPhone-friendly hardcase with a built-in super bright LED. Use it to illuminate impromptu photos/vids, search for dropped Smarties, read menus in dimly lit restaurants, wave during power ballads or avoid the loo seat following an evening with Mr Lager and his pals. You can even use it to do that scary torch under your chin thing.


    The case slides on quickly and easily

    Powered by a replaceable coin cell battery, the Beamer is a shining case of simple innovation. Simply press the neatly integrated button, once for a few seconds of light or twice to leave on indefinitely. Brilliant…literally!

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