Battling Micro Tanks

    Battling Micro Tanks

    A small but effective weapon of mass distraction!

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      We've all dreamt of commanding our very own tank. Unfortunately, they're incredibly cumbersome, awkward to park and, unless your name's P Diddy or Colin Powell, rather OTT in the style stakes.

      That's where these amazing little R/C vehicles come in. Controlled via a nifty handheld unit, these camouflage-clad micro menaces are the perfect desktop fighting machines.

      Featuring independently rotating turrets and genuine go-anywhere caterpillar tracks, Battling Micro Tanks are serious weapons of mass distraction.

      Firing animation With realistic machine gun and cannon sound FX, they are the closest you get to full-on battle without getting sand in your eyes. Battling Micro Tanks even recoil impressively each time you hit the "FIRE" button.

      Micro Battle Tanks You can choose from three pre-programmed games (see below) or battle it out head to head against an opponent. Each tank will take up to 6 direct hits before it is then captured - and therefore controlled by your opponent. Best of all, Battling Micro Tanks operate on three different frequencies (set by a switch on the grenade-shaped controller), so you can slug it out with fellow feudalists and seek and destroy the enemy via the Micro Tanks' infra-red targeting system. Conducting desktop devastation has never been such fun.

      Tank in hand What's more, Micro Tanks are small enough to quickly hide in a drawer or pocket should the boss come sniffing around, and look suitably mean sitting atop a PC. These pocket-sized powerhouses are the ultimate war machines for desktop desert rats everywhere. Ready, aim, FIRE!

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