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Battling Daleks
  • Battling Daleks

Battling Daleks

Fight for your right to ex-ter-min-ate!

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    The staggering success of the new series of Dr Who has reignited mankind's love/hate relationship with the most villainous race in sci-fi history. Yes folks, we know they look like retro pepper pots armed with sink plungers and egg whisks, but the Daleks are back with a vengeance!

    The problem is, they only ever seem hell bent on destroying humanity. But wouldn't it be good if they turned on each other? Well, guess what? They have! And now you can make a total Davros out of yourself by overseeing all the action. How? No, not by time travelling to Skaro, dressing up as Davros and instigating a civil war. All you need to do is purchase a pair of Battling Daleks.

    Each one of these fully functional, authentically modelled RC Daleks is equipped with a posable gun and arm, flashing lights and realistic weapon sound effects - a scary combination to be sure. But they wouldn't be much cop if they didn't screech 'Ex-ter-min-ate!' in all its terrifying metallic glory. Thankfully they do just that, but they also shriek a few more Dalek-esque phrases to boot.

    The idea is to use your rugged, twin toggle RC transmitter to manoeuvre your 5" Dalek around and 'fire' at your opponent whilst avoiding enemy blasts. Rack up 5 direct hits and the opposing Dalek will deactivate. Flashing lights on your Dalek's dome indicate a hit and various sound effects add to the realism.

    We really can't stress just how thrilling conducting full-on Dalek ding-dongs can be; watching these icons of supreme evil going at it head-to-head (well, dome-to-dome) is strangely satisfying and you'll be unable to stop playing until your Dalek reigns supreme. Oh yes, did we also mention that Battling Daleks come complete with a fully posable figure of Doctor Who or Rose Tyler? Well they do, so there!

    We fully expect Battling Daleks to fly off the shelves faster than you can say 'You are the Doc-tor!' So order yours now or else - yes, you guessed it - you will be EX-TER-MIN-ATED!!

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