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Shitting squitty

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Brand spanking NEW
  • Infantile toilet humour for all the family
  • Basically it’s battleships… but with shit
  • Everything about it is toilet themed
  • First to flush all of your opponent’s turds wins!
  • Not one for super mature boring people


This is a seriously shitty game. And what we mean by that is that this game completely revolves around shite. No, no, it’s a good game. It’s just poo themed. It’s battleships, with shit! Battleshits! Genius, really.

Position your turds and get ready for a flushing as your partner tries to guess where you’ve laid ‘em. Every aspect of the original classic game has been lovingly shittyfied - you even mark your picked off crap by studding it with little rubber flies! So thoughtful.

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    - 8th of November, 2018