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Batman Mimobots
  • Batman Mimobots

Batman Mimobots

Gotham’s USB Heroes

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    Tough on crime, but cuter than a kitten in a bobble hat, Batman Mimobots have taken a break from the mean streets of Gotham City to brighten up your desktop. Standing head and shoulders over rival storage solutions, these utterly collectible 2GB USB Flash Drives are as cool as they are functional.

    Offically Licensed by DC Comics, the series features Batman, Robin and arch-villains Catwoman and The Joker. Each one comes preloaded with a few nuggets of exclusive DC content (wallpapers, avatars, videos and soundbites) that can be erased or transferred for posterity/disk space. Just lift the lid on their oversized noggins, plug them into your computer’s USB, drag and drop your files, and then make your exit (smoke bombs optional).

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