Batman Logo Silicon Ice Tray
  • Batman Logo Silicon Ice Tray

Batman Logo Silicon Ice Tray

Your sub zero hero

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    Na na na na na na na na na Bat Ice!

    After a busy day biffing crime and ker-punching injustice, you probably fancy a nice cold drink. And what better way to chill it than with the Batman Logo Silicon Ice Tray. Looking straight out of the Batcave’s minibar, this flexible tray will dispense 7 frozen cubes shaped like Batman’s inconic logo.

    The four large cubes work a treat in a tall glass and pitcher, while the smaller cubes will fit really well in a short glass or tumbler (no not that kind of tumbler).

    But this silicone tray will make more than just ice. Pour in your favourite jelly mix and allow it to set for delicious mini bat-treats. Or better yet, craft your own decadent bat-chocolates. Eat your heart out, Bruce Wayne.

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