Batman Head Knockers
  • Batman Head Knockers

Batman Head Knockers

Why so ginormous?

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    detail close-up

    Great detail on these big 'eads!

    We know how he got his scars, but how did the Joker end up with such a massive head? And Batman, come to mention it? Sadly, neither one of the Batman Head Knockers comes with an explanation. So we’ll just have to enjoy these beautifully detailed (and wholly disproportionate) figurines for the oddities they are.

    Bearing a striking resemblance to Messrs Ledger and Bale, the heads on these officially licensed statuettes rest on miniature springs. Give ‘em a nudge and they’ll wobble about like they’re in total agreement with anything you say. So they’re the ideal companions in your car or on your office desk. ‘Should we have another cookie, Batman? Oh, yes!’ Now that’s the kind of hero we deserve.

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