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Batman Collapsible Desk Clock
  • Batman Collapsible Desk Clock

Batman Collapsible Desk Clock

The Dark Knight Rises and Shines

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    Plot details for the third Batman movie are a bit sketchy. But if recent evidence is to be believed, the Dark Knight will turn from his quest justice and start making his own nifty branded homeware instead! Don’t believe us? Check out the Batman Collapsible Desk Clock.

    Alright, we might have made that up. But no self-respecting Batfan’s desk (or bedside table) is complete without this iconic clock. Fully licensed by DC Comics, it’s made from highly polished metal for a solid and durable feel. The wings slide together to protect the clock face, making it ideal as a travel clock. Well what else could a title like “The Dark Knight Rises” be about?

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