Basic Beach Towel
  • Basic Beach Towel
  • Basic Beach Towel

Basic Beach Towel

Basic beach, advanced blanket

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Basic Beach Towel
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Love it as much as we do?
  • You need a sassy new beach towel, don’t argue with us
  • With fabric this soft, it’s more of a blanket, really
  • Beach blankets are the future, that old fashioned terry cloth stuff is WEAK
  • Quick-drying weave cloth that’s super easy to clean
  • Cruelty free! Literally no need to harm animals for a beach towel


Retire that grotty, holey beach towel you’ve had since you were like 11 years old and lay this soft pastel majesty down on the sand instead.

This sassy blanket ain’t just a pretty face - it’s made of cruelty free, durable microfibre. Weave cloth, might we add, dries in minutes and basically repels sand thanks to its small weave. #Science!

It’s also massive. 1.5 metres across, in fact. No more feet dangling off the end of your towel in the sand. Your entire squad can fit on it. And it doubles as a picnic blanket. And it rolls up small so it’s easy to transport. It’s a summer miracle!

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