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Basic Beach Large Tote Bag
  • Basic Beach Large Tote Bag

Basic Beach Large Tote Bag

Beach please

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Basic Beach Large Tote Bag
It's new, exclusive and it's a Firebox Original! 😱
  • The sassiest canvas tote bag you ever did see
  • Durable, easy to clean… perfect for the beach, in fact
  • Not for advanced beaches, only basic
  • Capacious AF, stuff everything you need in here and go
  • Nice wide straps that won’t chafe on your shoulder


Who are these crazy beaches spending £50+ on a bag that’s going to be full of sand and damp with salt water real quick?

Don’t do that, get this one instead. It’s less than £15, seriously durable, big enough to fit all that cumbersome holiday paraphernalia, easy to clean, and looks so ruddy bloody good on your shoulder.

P.S. Why not make it a lewk and add the matching towel to your basket? Go on, treat yourself.

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