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Barkin' Waggin' Dogs
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Barkin' Waggin' Dogs

How much is that doggy on the website?

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    We all love dogs, especially ones that donÂ’t take much looking after. Perhaps thatÂ’s why the cuddly toy market is so overrun with canines. After all, toy dogs can be almost as snuggly and lovable as the real thing. Plus, they donÂ’t need walking, feeding or following around with a pooper scooper. Unfortunately, none of the faux doggies we've encountered on our travels have possessed the elusive x-factor that's so important to us here at Firebox HQ. A toy dog's a toy dog, isn't it? Well no, not if you're talkin' about Barkin' Waggin' Dogs. We fell head over paws in love with these sappy-eyed little bow wows the moment we spotted them.

    Barkin' Waggin' Dogs: Pug

    Based on the pop art photography commonly known as "The Dog" (where puppy pictures are shot at unique 'strange ratio' angles), these highly collectible canines have huge oversized heads and slender bodies. The result is a doggy that's so darn cute you'll want to snuggle into his plush, velvety body and give him a squeeze the second you see him.

    Barkin' Waggin' Dogs: Beagle

    But these canine caricatures are more than just very pretty, strangely disproportionate faces. Squeeze a paw or pat a head (depending on the breed) and your Barkin' Waggin' Dog will start to bark, wag his tail, move his head and wiggle his ears in a fantastically endearing fashion. It's enough to make you cry!

    Very cute indeed!

    Looking at these lovable pups is a bit like looking at a cartoon dog through fish-eye lens bifocals – weird but strangely wonderful. What's more, Barkin' Waggin' Dogs have already taken Japan and the US by storm, as there are dozens of breeds available, all of which are fast becoming highly collectible.

    Barkin' Waggin' Dogs are perfect for dog lovers, collectors, kids and sappy adults who crave a little more "Awwww-factor" in their lives. They are also perfect for people who like dogs, but can't be doing with all that walking them nonsense. So go on, give a dog a home, because man's best friend just got even cuter. Woof!

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