Banane Du Brasil Liqueur
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Banane Du Brasil Liqueur

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    Bringing banana back!

    The humble banana doesn’t get great press these days. Now a hasty commuter breakfast or mid-match scoff for Rafa Nadal, the banana once represented a touch of glamour. A Banana Split was the dessert of champions, and Banoffee Pies once graced the dinner plates of the aristocracy, probably. Well at Firebox, we’re Bringing Banana Back (official campaign slogan, come on people) with a little help from this intriguing new banana flavoured liqueur, Banane du Brésil.

    Perfect for banana devotees and those with experimental tastes, Banane du Brésil is a blend of macerated bananas (that’s bananas soaked in booze. Lots of it) and concentrated banana extract and Cognac for an extra kick. At 25% abv it has an intense aroma of, you guessed it, bananas and has a sweet, almost tropical taste with hints of maple nuts, vanilla, caramel and that rich Cognac. Sounding pretty good, huh?

    Your dinner party guests will be fascinated (or think you’re a bonkers 70s revivalist) as you serve this golden hued liqueur straight on crushed ice for the most intense taste, or blend it with some choice booze and mixers to create your very own new cocktail. Bananarama anyone?
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