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Word game that’ll drive you abnasna!

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    It's full of letters

    We’re surrounded by cutting-edge games, gadgets and gizmos (and those are just the things beginning with g), so a simple word game needs to be spectacularly entertaining to grab us by the bananas. And by jingo, Bananagrams has done exactly that.

    This multi-award-winning travel game is like an ultra frantic version of Scrabble without all that waiting-around-for-your-go malarkey. You don’t even need a board. A banana-shaped pouch holds 144 lettered tiles which players must use to create their own Scrabble-style grid of words. First one to use up all their tiles wins. There are various ways to play and you can even go solo or create your own rules. It’s bananas. Sort of.



    Travel size

    Of course anything involving a comedy banana requires some appropriate silliness, so players are required to yell out idiocies such as ‘split’ and ‘peel’ at significant points during the game. It’s enough to drive you anbasna! And if that’s too taxing, here are three words to get you started: Buy. Bananagrams. Now!

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