Banana Umbrella
  • Banana Umbrella

Banana Umbrella

Ripe as Rain

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  • Shelter from the elements beneath these potassium-rich parasols
  • A curved and colourful piece of fine folding fruit
  • Freshly picked from a plantation in Costa Rica
  • Sheathed inside a thick plastic peel to prevent bruising
  • The man from Del Monte, he say 'Yes!'


From the delectable Banana milkshake to the unsightly Banana hammock, Bananas have been the inspiration for so many ground-breaking inventions. But all of them pale into insignificance when you compare them to the mighty Banana Umbrella.

Looking just like the real thing, these curvaceous pieces of folding fruit are the perfect potassium-rich parasols to shield yourself from nature's watery wrath.

Fresh from the plantation and sheathed inside a thick plastic peel to prevent bruising and (banana) splits, it's time to just buy a bunch.

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4 Reviews

Average 4/5 stars
  • "Feels much better build than it looks, quality but looks a bit phallic."
    Tom - 8th of December, 2016
  • "Bought this as a present. Was perfect and looks so inappropriate when taking out in public."
    Jason - 26th of February, 2016
  • "Very funny gift, and I have managed to get my fiancé to use it as the quality of the umbrella is so good."
    William - 23rd of December, 2015
  • "These were gifts for friends who quite literally squealled with delight and promptly wished for rain?"
    Katie - 5th of October, 2015