Banana Night Light
  • Banana Night Light
  • Banana Night Light

Banana Night Light

Peely cool

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  • A night light with serious a peel
  • Ripe with luminosity
  • Portable, in true lantern nature. Farewell messy midnight tinkles
  • Won’t split in the face of convenience: battery powered, no cables.
  • Even stands of it’s own accord. Now that’s absolutely ‘nanas.


You know what would be peely, peely cool? A Banana Night Light, naturally.

All the cool guys loved bananas. Donkey Kong, King Kong, Joe Young, Caesar. The list doesn’t go on.

If you’re looking to acquire the swag of a colossal giant gorilla, then this is the night light for you. This portable, fruit shaped lamp is battery powered, meaning the frustration of crafty wires is eradicated - as is any infuriated chest beating. You can easily carry it with you whether you’re scaling buildings, battling Kremlins or simply off to spend a late night penny.

Activating the light is a breeze - press the top of the nana to turn on and off - even a monkey without enhanced genetic components could do it. The soothing glow creates the perfect ambience for all your nighttime reading / plans to rid the world of pesky humans and the Banana Night Light stands entirely of its own accord - leaving your hands free to grasp scantily-clad starlets and swat away bothersome planes.

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10 Reviews

Average 4/5 stars
  • "Its a banana, its a light... its great."
    Zebastian - 30th of November, 2016
  • "Amazing lamp. Gave it as a gift and he found it hilariously amazing."
    Alexander - 13th of September, 2016
  • "Very delightful!"
    Elena - 13th of May, 2016
  • "Such a cool invention!"
    Vanessa - 19th of December, 2015
  • "Such a stupid thing to give as a gift. I love it. Stupid gifts are the best gifts."
    Richie - 14th of December, 2015