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Banana Leaf Inflatable Chair
  • Banana Leaf Inflatable Chair

Banana Leaf Inflatable Chair


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Banana Leaf Inflatable Chair
We made this! It's a Firebox Original!
  • Giant inflatable armchair
  • With beautifully minimalist palm print
  • Comfier than any of your proper furniture
  • The size of an actual big armchair, no comically small sizing
  • Comically large, if anything


Park your knackered summer ass in this giant inflatable armchair, the perfect refuge for the weary ice cream eater, volleyballer, or sunbather.

Not just for the beach, this air-filled bit of furniture is both futuristic (wood and fabric is so ‘50s) and a nostalgic ‘90s throwback at the same time.

Simply blow it up, and sit! Relaxation is yours. Until someone tries to ask if they can have a go on your cool inflatable chair. Tell them to do one, you’ve earned your cushiony sedentary.

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