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Banana Hip Flask
  • Banana Hip Flask
  • Banana Hip Flask

Banana Hip Flask

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  • A mashup of two of life's great desires - secret drinking & bananas
  • Freshly picked from Guatemala
  • Infinitely more appealing than regular hip flasks
  • Holds 177ml of delectable booze (or other exciting liquids)
  • Screw-top lid – no more "how do you open yours?" debates
  • Particularly fond of drinking on the go? Buy a bunch of 'em


Is that a Banana Hip Flask in your pocket or are you just pleased to see us?

Stop frittering away your money on inferior decanters, the time is ripe to start knocking back your liquor from this fruity mash-up. Your friends won't be able to plantain themselves when they see you swigging from such an appealing drinking vessel.

Never mind an "Irish Coffee", now you can covertly add boozy supplements to all of your smoothies. It's your own sneaky treat, the forbidden fruit.

Split it open from the top? Peel it from the bottom? The screw-top lid puts this churlish debate to bed. Better still, its curvaceous shape fits perfectly into your pocket for a pleasing (if not slightly confusing) bulge.

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2 Reviews

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  • "Mmmm. Who likes bananas? Some people do. Who likes hiding booze in a phallic fruit vessel? Everyone does. Lovely. Yellow. Stylish."
    Matt - 27th of January, 2016
    Kim - 12th of December, 2015