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Banana Guard
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Banana Guard

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    We love everything about bananas: their colour, their taste, their texture, their versatility. We even love the word: B-a-n-a-n-a. Isn't it great? If you say it over and over really fast it starts to sound like 'nanaba'. You just tried it, didn't you? You silly 'nana!

    Banana Guard

    Banana case mod

    Where were we? Oh yes, bananas. Well the thing is, although we adore them in all their yellow, curvy glory, we hate bruised ones. Indeed, pulling one out of your bag and discovering it's been knocked about is enough to drive, bananas. Yes, nature did attempt a solution by encasing the fruit in a rather funky outer skin but even that can't protect it completely.

    Banana Guard

    Bruised and abused


    Always carry protection

    Thankfully help is at hand in the rather magnificent shape of the Banana Guard. Designed to accommodate all but the most enormous of bananas, this ingenious plastic case will protect your beloved banana in transit and prevent it from getting bashed about by the other occupants of your bag.

    Banana Guard

    Locked up

    Perfect for packed lunches, picnics and games of banana boomerang, the durable Banana Guard features three clasps to lock your 'nana inside and small holes in the casing to keep the air circulating, thus averting over-ripening.

    "But why can't I just shove my banana in a plastic lunch box?" we hear you ask. Well, for starters, bananas are quite big and curved, so you can't really squish your sarnies in as well (unless you make silly little curved ones). Plus, bananas have a tendency to make your ham sandwiches taste all bananary - and vice versa.

    Banana Guard

    Excellence in housewares awards 2006

    It's for all of the above reasons that we believe the Banana Guard is destined for greatness. Indeed, we reckon it will become an indispensable accessory for executive banana-lovers everywhere. So hurry up and hit buy - you'd be bananas not to!

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