Ballz Up!
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Ballz Up!

Swingers party

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Ballz Up!
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Brand spanking NEW
  • Thrusting your crotch at a party is now socially acceptable
  • Attach the cup to your waist and get those balls swinging
  • Get your balls up the most times to win
  • Remember: if you miss the hole, it doesn’t count!
  • Perfect for stag or hen nights, pre-drinks, office parties...


Pin the tail on the best man is fun and all, but where’s the thrusting? Where’s the thrilling ball-in-cup action? You can’t play dirty on a game like that, but you certainly can on this one.

Stick this cup on your crotch with the included nylon strap and get thrusting. Set a time limit and take it in turns to see how many times you can land your balls in the cup. Find out who has the best thrusting technique when they’re finally crowned King or Queen of Ballz.

It’s the perfect game for any gathering, except maybe children’s birthday parties and funerals. The rules are obvious, anyone with a crotch can play, and there’s only one cup so you get to the centre of attention for once.

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