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Balloon Lamp

Pop the light on

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Sh*t Hot right now
  • Illuminate your space with this floating light source
  • Won't burst, deflate or fly away
  • Just press the balloon knot to turn it on (oh my!)
  • Cycle through a whole spectrum of bright colours
  • "Levitates" about 10cm above the surface you put it on
  • Sturdy metal stand designed to look like a dangling string


Does your current lighting arrangement need a breath of fresh air? Gloomy room making you feel a little deflated? Are you impartial to a bit of LED Zeppelin?

Whether you enjoy dreadfully tenuous puns or not, just pop on the Balloon Lamp to instantly lighten up your mood and your environment. Powered by USB, this colour-changing beauty "floats" above whatever surface you put it on whilst the sturdy metal stand is cunningly designed to look like a dangling string.

Simply push the balloon knot to turn it on and it'll start cycling through a wide spectrum of colours; if you find a particularly delectable hue, just hit the button again and it'll stop on the current colour.

Best of all, it doesn't contain helium or bad breath and it won't burst, deflate or fly away!

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11 Reviews

Average 5/5 stars
  • "Looks super cute and I love that you can keep it on a particular colour - a lamp for every mood! Could be a little brighter..."
    Lauren - 27th of April, 2017
  • "Love the colour changes and the great idea to stop it on a certain colour! "
    Becca - 28th of February, 2017
  • "It's a nice size and the colours are very vibrant and relaxing, I also love how you can choose one of the colours to stop on"
    Jonathan - 31st of January, 2017
  • "Great. Love the way you can leave the changing colours or get it to stay on your favourite! Very effective. Good price for what it is."
    Marrianne - 27th of December, 2016
  • "Had a quick go before wrapping up for a present. . Looks fab and really does look ready to float away."
    Daniel - 23rd of December, 2016