Balanzza Digital Luggage Scales
  • Balanzza Digital Luggage Scales

Balanzza Digital Luggage Scales

Excess baggage? Not any more

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    Step 1- attach to luggage

    Attach the scales to your luggage

    Weighing your luggage using the bathroom scales is about as accurate as measuring your height using the toaster. But seeing as airlines charge passengers for being just a few kilograms overweight, it pays to know the exact weight of your case. So why not tweak the nose of budget airlines and shout ‘up yours!’ to over zealous check-in staff (not literally) with the Balanzza Mini Digital Luggage Scale.

    This smart little gizmo weighs bags quickly and accurately. Simply hang your luggage from its sturdy strap and view the weight in pounds or kilograms on its large, easy-to-read display. It’s easy-peasy and you needn’t struggle to look at the display whilst lifting because the Balanzza’s automatic ‘hold’ feature allows you to check the weight once you’ve put your case back down. Draconian surcharges? Not any more, Stelios!

    Step 2 - lift luggage

    Lift luggage using scales as a handle

    Compact and super lightweight this idiot-proof device won’t impact on your weight allowance, and is so slim it will fit into the most tightly packed suitcase. Take it with you wherever you may roam. It’s ideal for deciding which cruddy souvenir to palm off on the bell boy. Mmm… massive Toblerones.

    Capable of weighing luggage up to 100lbs/44kgs, the Balanzza’s ergonomic shape makes it super-comfy to grip and there are no dangerous hooks; your luggage is suspended by sturdy straps. The only tough bit is choosing which things to leave at home.

    Step 3 - read the weight

    The weight is displayed on the screen

    Just think, thanks to this simple but effective gadget you won’t have to force a smile when dealing with sour-faced automatons at check-in because you’ll know exactly how much your case weighs. Best of all, you won’t have to expose the contents of your suitcase to tutting onlookers, so you can shove in as many pairs of ‘I love Barry Chuckle’ underpants as you fancy.
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