Bake a Brick
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Bake a Brick

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    Bake a Brick

    Mmm... Brick.

    Victoria sponge. Chelsea bun. Cherry bakewell. Tiramisu. Cakes come in all shapes and sizes and a surprising amount of them sound like female secret agents. Sadly, there are precious few manly-sounding cakes out there to redress this balance (except perhaps Battenberg). Which is why we were so pleased to find Bake a Brick.

    Whether it’s plain vanilla or a funky marble mix, this easy-to-use silicone mould lets you bake a magnificent no frills brick-shaped sponge. Perfect for sweetening up the man (or woman) in your life who doesn’t go in for all that fancy nonsense. Raspberry pavlova. There’s another one.

    Bake a Brick Bake a Brick Bake a Brick

    Make cake Mix...

    ...Pour it in the mould...

    ...and pop it in the oven!

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