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Baddiewinkles Guide to Life

Insta Gran

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  • It's never too late to open a new chapter in your life
  • Read her story (and admire a sh*t load of unseen photos)
  • Learn to dress, live and love adventurously
  • Over 2 million Instagram followers cannot be wrong!
If we're even a fraction as cool as Baddie Winkle by the time we're her age – we'll die happy.

She's known for her colourful and controversial photo shoots, rubbing shoulders with numerous celebs and appearing in music videos... and now Helen Van Winkle's rebellious alter ego is sharing her wisdom (and a sh*t load of cool photographs) with us.

Her Guide to Life is overflowing with her energetic free spirit and infectious charm, as she tells her life story and imparts advice on a wide range of issues including fashion, the internet, and being a badass octogenarian.

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  • "My friend loved this as a present! We’re going to live our lives as Baddie Winkle does!"
    Daisy - 16th of November, 2017