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Bad Little Children's Books

The kids aren't alright

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  • Offensively-tweaked book covers
  • Adorable vintage illustrations with ludicrous captions
  • A window into a twisted nostalgic world
  • 112 pages of deeply innapropriate parodies
  • Probably not one for bed-time reading
There's something about charming illustrations from the past. They're already slightly bizarre and it only takes a subtle tweaking to take things to twisted new depths. Bad Little Children's Books is the embodiment of this fine art.

The original books were centred around life's lessons, innocent joys and curiosities; but author Arthur Gackley has remixed them into a series of deeply inappropriate parodies that speak to the bad little kid inside us all.

Featuring timeless classics such as 'Uncle Creepy', 'Stop Adopting Ethiopian Orphans Behind My Back' and 'Don't lick the Stripper Pole'.

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