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Bacon Toothpaste
  • Bacon Toothpaste

Bacon Toothpaste

Makes breath bacon fresh!

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  • Keep teeth healthy whilst enjoying the flavour of delicious bacon
  • Perfect for when you don't have time to cook a Full English
  • The smoky future of oral hygiene has arrived
  • No more rancid minty paste – bacon-fresh breath every time


Mmm…bacon. Don’t you just love it? The mere thought of all that meaty, smoky, flavoursome swine flesh is enough to make you crack out your pan and get frying the second you wake up. In fact it’s so delish you probably wish you could brush your teeth with it. You can with Bacon Toothpaste. Oink!

Heralding a new era in oral hygiene, this revolutionary toothpaste is the ideal way to keep teeth and gums healthy whilst coating your cakehole with the uniquely mouth-watering flavour of smoky bacon. It makes your breath bacon fresh. No, really!

Yes, you could try brushing your peggy wegs with strips of fried bacon but you’re hardly going to be flavour of the month with a gobful of bacony bits. Bacon Toothpaste, on the other hand, is as practical as it is irresistible. It really is the perfect gift for the baconologist with everything. That’ll do, pig.
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9 Reviews

Average 4/5 stars
  • "Revolting !! As expecting !! Great fun."
    Victoria - 19th of February, 2016
  • "Son-in-law suitably worried by it."
    Ann - 31st of December, 2015
  • "Tastes like bacon."
    James - 30th of December, 2015
  • "Smells like bacon."
    Leah - 29th of December, 2015
  • "I put this stuff on my toast. Saves me heaps of time in the mornings!"
    Thomas - 22nd of December, 2015