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Bacon Popcorn
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Bacon Popcorn

Squealingly delicious popcorn

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    Even if you don’t dine on swine you’re gonna love this deliciously different popcorn. Because thanks to its gorgeously bacony flavour, it’s so spectacularly addictive you’ll be squealing like a piggie with delight the second you get your chops round it. Oink!

    Brought to you by the culinary mavericks/nutters behind Baconnaise, Bacon Pop is a microwavable taste sensation. Developed to cure (geddit?) bacony cravings, it knocks regular popcorn out of the pen in terms of taste and gissanotherability. Think Frazzles multiplied by a million. To pilfer a well worn tagline, once you pop you just can’t stop. Mmm…smoky popcorn!

    Believe it or not, Bacon Pop is suitable for vegetarians, especially all you pretend ones secretly pining for pork. It’s also gluten free and completely kosher. How come? Well despite its incredibly realistic taste, it doesn’t actually contain any bacon. It’s just premium popping corn, butter and artificial (but phenomenally authentic tasting) bacon flavouring.

    Each box of Bacon Pop contains three bags. Simply place in a microwave on the highest setting, cook for 1-4 minutes and give it a shake. Easy. Once you’ve settled down with your porcine snack, why not kick back and think of a suitably bacony movie to watch: Reservoir Hogs, Porkies, Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Rashers. The possibilities are truly limited. Failing that, cook up another bag and pig out in front of the telly. ‘Quick, Squeal or No Squeal’s on.’

    Yes, you’re right, we are trying to shoehorn in as many daft piggy puns as possible. But when popcorn tastes this good it’s easy to behave ir-rasher-nally, so there’s not much else we can say. Oink, oink!

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