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Bacon Hot Sauce
  • Bacon Hot Sauce

Bacon Hot Sauce

It’s Bacon. It’s Hot. It’s Sauce.

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    When writing product copy at Firebox, we’ll often start with notes from our expert Buying Team, and in the case of the Bacon Hot Sauce, they were pretty straightforward: It’s Bacon. It’s Hot. It’s Sauce. Kind of writes itself they suggested, and we’re inclined to agree.

    This saucy mix combines the delicious, smoky, piggy flavoured goodness of bacon with the tongue tingling, heat of, well, hot sauce resulting in one almighty porcine condiment.

    A delicious addition to eggs, pizzas, wings, fruit salads, cereal and for an all-round bacon blowout; spread liberally on your next hog roast.

    It’s pretty hot; as evidenced by the sweaty, fire-breathing porker on the bottle; he appears to be sweating profusely and may actually have steam coming out of his ears. Best of all, thanks to recent dramatic advances in modern food technology, this Bacon Hot Sauce was made without harming a single piggy hair on his chinny chin chin.
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