Bacon Gravy
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Bacon Gravy

Aah… Bacon

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    dipping bacon in bacon gravy

    Mmm... bacon in Bacon Gravy!

    With so many bacon-infused snacks out there, it’s a wonder no one has thought to whizz the stuff into a beverage. But don’t despair, bacon fans. While we track down thick ‘n’ salty porkshakes for everyone, here’s the next best thing – Bacon Gravy!

    Made by seasoned ham-wranglers J&D’s, this baconated wonderstuff works just like regular gravy granules, except that with Bacon Gravy you get the added pizzazz of bacon in the meaty mix – although you probably guessed that already.

    Just pour hot water over a pile of these unassuming granules and in no time you’ll be elbow-deep in liquid meat. It’s amazing on roast dinners, poured over cheesy chips, folded into mashed potato or for giving casseroles a thick, porky wallop.

    6 packs at a time

    6 sachets is equal to 24 servings!

    ‘But wait!’ we hear you cry (between mouthfuls), ‘This stuff’s not brown!’. Racist. But yes, Bacon Gravy is a little on the pale side. And that’s because it’s made from a traditional recipe by our cousins in the US, where gravy is traditionally white.

    No we don’t know why, but it makes a great alternative to the gloopy brown stuff you usually pour over your din-dins. And in keeping with American tradition you can also serve it at breakfast! Enjoy it over your Full English, Eggs Benedict, hash browns, pancakes, grits, yams, breakfast enchiladas, deep fried cheese, or all-American biscuits (that’s ‘savoury scones’ to us). Now, if only we had something to wash it all down…
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