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Bacon Chocolate
  • Bacon Chocolate

Bacon Chocolate

Your sweet/salty cravings cured

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    Bacon Chocolate
    On paper bacon and chocolate go together like liver and custard. So thank goodness Bacon Chocolate is wrapped in foil because it’s oinking well delicious!

    Brought to you by chocolatier extraordinaire Katrina at Vosges Haut-Chocolat, this high quality (45% cocoa) bar of choc contains real bits of applewood-smoked bacon and a sprinkling of alder salt. Yes, really. As Katrina herself says: ‘Rub your thumb over the chocolate to release the aromas and let the lust of salt and sweet coat your tongue.’ Cripes!

    Bacon Chocolate
    An all new taste sensation, Bacon Chocolate makes a luxuriously ludicrous gift for the bacon/chocolate lover in your life. Failing that, why not offer it to brave/greedy souls at your next dinner soiree and gawp in delight as they scoff the lot like…well, like pigs. Oink!
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