Back To The Future iPad Case
  • Back To The Future iPad Case
  • Back To The Future iPad Case
  • Back To The Future iPad Case
  • Back To The Future iPad Case

Back To The Future iPad Case

You see this book? This book tells the future

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  • Exclusive to Firebox
  • Protect your precious iPad Air in this authentic Back to the Future Part 2 plot device
  • Bank on your future like Old Biff with the knowledge of the past
  • Not to be used to create a series of paradoxes that destroy time


Here's your chance to cover your futuristic iPad in an exclusive prop from the Back to the Future universe. The Grays Sports Almanac. Complete Sports Statistics 1950-2000. ‘This authoritve (sic) book gives you all the information you need to know’.

It's what old Biff gave to young Biff in 1955 which he eventually used to become a crooked millionaire (in the process 'killing' the old version of Biff) by betting on all the sporting events that had yet to happen, but which this almanac had the results of inside. Marty McFly (McFlyyyyyyyy!) eventually nicks it back and knackers Biff's plans, which is a bit selfish.

What makes this SO ingenious, is that with your iPad wedged safely inside – you could use the internets to easily find the actual results of all the sports results – and create your own golden future. If you only could find the keys to the DeLorean.

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7 Reviews

Average 4.5/5 stars
  • "Its back to the future! Looks awesome on the coffee table! Enough said."
    Stephen - 8th of December, 2016
  • "Love it. If your a fan of Back to the Future then you should absolutely buy this. It's really good quality and durable."
    Tiffany - 17th of September, 2015
  • "This item exceeded all my expectations. It is a great quality product and always a good laugh for those who see it for the first time."
    Tom - 9th of September, 2015
  • "Alright, I love the design- its wicked. But why, oh why doesnt it have a camera hole in the back? Now I can only use front camera; awks."
    Stacie - 10th of June, 2015
  • "The quality of this piece of movie nostalgia is superb"
    Noah - 7th of May, 2015