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Back To Realitea
It's new, exclusive and it's a Firebox Original! 😱
  • An uplifting and detoxifying tea blend
  • Makes mornings/hangovers/day-to-day life slightly more bearable
  • CAN'T DEAL tags let your friends and colleagues know your state of mind
  • Each box contains 20 pyramid tea bags
  • Created and regularly consumed by Firebox
Baaack tooo liiife, Back To Realitea.

Late night? Overindulged? Can't deal? This uplifting and detoxifying blend will make everything better.

Laced with an all-star line up of: rooibos, nettle, rosehip, liquorice root, raspberry leaves, anise, cardamom, clove, calendula and safflower petals – each pyramid tea bag comes with a CAN'T DEAL tag to drape over the side of your mug so friends and colleagues are aware of your fragile mental state.

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