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Baby Whoozit
  • Baby Whoozit

Baby Whoozit

Pocketsized playmate

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    close up of textures

    Interesting shapes and textures

    Just like his big brother Whoozit Squeak & Chew Teether, Baby Whoozit is a bright and colourful companion for your baby. But this pocket-sized playmate is so small and soft, he’s perfect for newborns.

    Covered in eye-catching patterns, textures and soft bits to chew (or at least gum on), there’s plenty to keep your little one occupied. The various shapes all help to develop their motors skills as they explore everything from the soft rings to the big squishy nose.

    And the best part? When your little one finally nods off, you can pop Baby Whoozit in the washing machine, ready for the next playtime.

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